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Association Membership
Mission Critical Linux is one of the founders of the "Linux Industrial Association" (LIPSZ)

and a member of the "Linux-felhasználók Magyarországi Egyesülete" (LME)
New location!
MCLX office has moved to a new location. Our new address:

H-1132 Budapest, Visegrádi u. 48. III. em. 6. Hungary

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New trainings in 2007 fall and winter
New trainings' schedule:

  • Beginner Linux system administrator training: 2007.11.20-22.
  • Advanced Linux system administrator training: 2007.12.03-07.
  • Cluster training: 2008.01.15-18.

For more information click here!

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Mission Critical Linux Kft. offers Apple-products
Mission Critical Linux Kft. has become an official reseller of Apple-products.

"It may be unexpected to many people that a Linux-company starts selling Macintoshes. But the two things are not too far from each other if we know that MacOS X is a BSD-based operating system. We experience that there is a potential client-base who really require the quality and comfort provided by the Macintosh. However we primarily still concentrate on the server market, we offer the full Mac product range: from the handheld iPods through the new MacMinis and the powerful desktop machines up to the Xserve server family." - commented on the news Csaba Bodnár, general manager of Mission Critical Linux Kft.
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Extending product range, downloadable price list
Mission Critical Linux gradually extends its hardware and software product range. The purpose of the company is to provide full-range offer for those who build and maintenance Linux-based systems. To reach this aim MCLX presents continuously renewing product information, viewable and downloadable price list on its web site.

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Middle Europe's leading firewall product in the offerings of Mission Critical Linux Kft.
The company lays more emphasis on the Zorp firewall software - developed in Middle Europe - in its product range. MCLX plans to solve the full-range protection of its clients' networks against the dangers of the internet with the help of the firewall solution based on world-class tecnology.

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What kind of firewall solution do you use?

Packet Filter

Stateful Packet Filter

Application Level Firewall

I don't use a firewall

I don't know...

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