News Item: : Mission Critical Linux Kft. offers Apple-products
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Posted by dani
Friday 15 April 2005 - 16:13:57

Mission Critical Linux Kft. has become an official reseller of Apple-products.

"It may be unexpected to many people that a Linux-company starts selling Macintoshes. But the two things are not too far from each other if we know that MacOS X is a BSD-based operating system. We experience that there is a potential client-base who really require the quality and comfort provided by the Macintosh. However we primarily still concentrate on the server market, we offer the full Mac product range: from the handheld iPods through the new MacMinis and the powerful desktop machines up to the Xserve server family." - commented on the news Csaba Bodnár, general manager of Mission Critical Linux Kft.

This news item is from Mission Critical Linux website
( http://english.mclx.hu/english/comment.php?comment.news.comment.5 )