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mclx Friday 19 October 2007

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MCLX Technical Support


Up to 7x24 hours availability
Professional systems administration
Skilled professionals
A solid foundation: the Linux operating system
Customer requirements driven service package


Our technical support services are always optimized for our customers' needs. Whether it is availability, system administration or some kind of their combination, we have the necessary professional skills to complete the required tasks. Our professionals, who have several years of experience and are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, guarantee the safe operation of our customers' Linux-based production and other systems - even those that are working around the clock.


Most of our customers employ professionals for common administrational activities (software updates, backups, virus checking, etc.). However, the real peace of mind is when a professional team is standing behind you, whom you can turn to if you encounter problems that seem unsolvable at first; who will log in to the system if necessary and start troubleshooting within the time limits specified by the contracts. Most of the customers require 8x5 or 7x24 availability, but it is possible to work out different conditions, too. The response time also depends on the customer's requirements and (in case of an on-site visit) the distance from our site.

System administration

At several places the company doesn't have skilled professionals for adequate maintenance of their Linux-based server. In particular, servers operating on the Internet are exposed to attacks, so the regular (e.g. weekly) completion of such activities as the necessary security and other updates, checking logs and perform security and other configuration modifications based on them, backups and checking whether the jobs finished successfully may be crucial to the continuous availability of the server. We offer our services for other types of servers as well. In this case we perform the tasks required and previously negotiated by the customer.

Combined services

Most of the customers use the combination of the two basic services above, meaning they need the 'come when there is a problem' and the 'check regularly' types of activities as well. We specify the required parameters of the service together (7x24 or 5x8, response time, number of working hours per month,). Purchasing the services together may mean a significant discount compared to the price of services separately.

Skilled professionals

Our engineering team consists of experts with related professional university degrees, who have several years of experience in installing and configuring Linux-based systems, also in solving related tasks and potential problems.

A solid foundation: the Linux operating system

Linux is a mature, solid, reliable multi-purpose operating system that performs well in any role of the enterprise IT infrastructure. That's why we primarily deal with the technical support of servers based on the Linux operating system. In case of larger networks we are willing to support servers and network devices with non-Linux operating systems besides the Linux-based servers, to be able to offer comprehensive services to our customers.


Our technical support contracts include the following elements:

  • at start: mapping the network, performing configuration modifications, if needed and documenting the network topology
  • regular system log checking (once a week)
  • regular maintenance of the server configuration and modification if needed
  • regular installation of security upgrades/patches via the Internet
  • response within 1 hour for a problem with remote access via (secure) Internet channel, modem or other way - supported by the customer)
  • response within 4 hours for a problem on-site within the boundaries of Budapest
  • failures can be reported by two contact persons specified in the contract
  • documentation of the failures, reports, completed tasks, offers
  • account manager dedicated to the customer
  • troubleshooting and repairs in case of a hardware failure
  • hardware-related on-demand firmware upgrades
  • solving Linux OS-level problems, troubleshooting, patch installation
  • basic application troubleshooting (for example restarting an application or the database manager, core dump analysis)
  • in Budapest and its agglomeration the on-site visit is free of charge
  • a number of working hours per month for system administration or troubleshooting according to agreement (without additional fees)
  • discounted hourly rates for additional works.

We prepare our contracts based on negotiations with the customer, optimizing their content to the special needs of our customers. The specification above usually serves as initial template.

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